About Us

MyBIG is developing hybrid renewable energy solutions from industrial designs to commercial applications using the proprietary Nexcap and Sunopy™ technologies. MyBIG’s technology is safe and proven, and allows MyBIG to tap into the vast resources of natural energy conversion in an environmentally friendly way. Our core focus in ongoing research and development has put our team at the forefront of technology innovations for our clients. MyBIG has the right people and tools to ensure the success of your technology based requirements. We provide a full range of skills needed to direct and deliver a winning solution, including project analysis, project management, system design, commercialization solutions, contract manufacturing, OEM/ODM, strategy implementation and technical support.

Aligning our technologies with our corporate visions, MyBIG is among the pioneer in the biomass industry of Malaysia’s vast plantation resources to converge multiple streams of biomass materials into energy efficient materials for industrial applications. Biomass unlocks previously irreplaceable coal resources to power the ever surging demands of electricity and energy. The result will be cleaner, low-cost energy and feedstock to meet the global power generation versus environmental crisis.

Our success depends in large part on our ability to be good citizens in the places where we do business. We collaborate with local leaders to help advance the economic and environmental goals of the regions where we operate.

                                                   “growing ideas, tapping opportunities”