Engineering And Automation Services

MyBIG provides state-of-the-art integrated and coordinated mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection consulting engineering and building commissioning services. Our experienced staffs examine alternative solutions and provide proven and responsive air conditioning and mechanical ventilation, electrical, plumbing and fire protection engineering design for state-of-the-art facilities.  We are able to handle large scale and complex projects from inception to construction completion, in their entirety. As well as provide feasibility of alternative layouts and are a proactive participant in value engineering – early in a project.

We have Green Building Index (GBI) certified facilitator on its staff and a proponent of Sustainable / Green Design Concepts. Many staff engineers are GBI or Green Mark certified Facilitators and as a firm we are involved in many projects that are pursuing GBI or Green Mark Certification.We utilise AutoCAD REVIT MEP 2010 for Building Information Modelling and 3D Design for collision detection and 3D Design Review. With every client, we begin with an initial client consultation and facility-prequalification to establish client objectives and determine financial criteria for a project. We provide engineering and design as an owner’s agent, or total turn-key services for design build project installation.  In all cases we offer clients a wide range of services to address their specific needs.

Mechanical incorporates the following services:

  • *MVAC - Mechanical Ventilation and Air Conditioning System
    •  -Air Conditioning
    •  -Smoke exhaust and ventilation

  • *Plumbing System
    •  -Domestic Water Supply and Distribution
    •  -Waste / Sewage water disposal and treatment
    •  -Hot water supply and distribution
    •  -Steam generation and distribution
    •  -Compressed Air and Gas distribution system

  • *Fire Protection System
    •  -Hydrant &Sprinkler, Hose Reel & Wet Riser
    •  -Portable Fire Extinguisher
    •  -Fire Detection / Alarm System
  • *Vertical Transportation
    •  -Lifts & Escalators
  • *Waste Collection System in Gravity Chute and Full Vacuum

incorporates the following services:

  • *Power distribution throughout the building
  • *Standby power generation
  • *General lighting and receptacle plan
  • *Lightning protection
  • *Building Automation System
  • *Telephone installation plan
  • *Structured data cabling
  • *Background music and PA System
  • *MATV & CCTV System
*Access Control & Security System

Silmulation Work

Fire Safety Assessment

Computational Model for Conservatory - Temperature Contours about Fire Source at Time = 12min
(Red = High Temperature and Blue = Low Temperature)

*Building Aerodynamic and Wind Engineering

Surface Pressure Contours on Buildings & Terrain due to Wind Loading
(Red = High Pressure and Blue = Low Pressure) and
Particle Trajectory from Exhaust Plume Fans indicating Entrainment of Contaminant into Building Roof Area and Air Intakes due to Wind Gust

Pressure Contours on Residential Development due to South Wind (Red = High Pressure and Blue = Low Pressure)
Air Velocity Vectors in Residential Apartment due to South Wind (Red = High Speed and Blue = Low Speed)
Carbon Monoxide Concentration Contours in Car Park Basement 3 at Steady State. (Red = High Concentration and Blue = Low Concentration)