Our People

As CEO, Mr. Kong oversees the corporate direction and strategy for Mybig’s operations, including marketing, sales, consulting, alliances and key supply chain and support. He focuses on strategy, leadership, innovation and customers/partnerships.  Before founding Mybig, Mr. Kong has been a technology entrepreneur who spends most of his time thinking how to innovate the tech industry and to transform the conventional management behavior to high impact leadership.

Mr. Kong earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration in 2005 from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with a major in Finance. His love for basketball helped his team won the Mid-west Games Championship for 3 years consecutively while in college.  Upon graduation, Mr. Kong pursued his career development with KeyBank and AT&T in Seattle, Wa. 

Mr. Kong has participated in a Technology Management course at Stanford University’s SRI in Palo Alto, Ca. Upon his return to Kuala Lumpur, Mr. Kong has established a number of tech start-ups with his peers and ventured into new domain of the local technology industries. From year 2010, Mr. Kong began to cultivate technology transfer initiatives between South Korea’s KRIBB and Malaysia’s Biotechcorp to foster bilateral ties and cross-border collaborations in biotechnology.

Mr. Kong’s primary mission now is to drive the company to a top tech-based corporation in the region and to be able to generate long term benefits to the company’s shareholders and the global communities.


Ir. Dr. Ng  Kok  Chiang  graduated  from  the  University  of  Western Australia  with  first  class honours in Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical & Electronics Engineering and Bachelor of Commerce  majoring  in
Accounting,  Investment  Finance  (Derivatives),  and  Managerial Accounting.  He  then  furthered  his  studies  and  graduated  with  a Ph.D  in  Advanced Energy Storage Engineering  having  worked  on
nanomaterials  and  nanocomposites  for  hybrid supercapacitors for renewable energy storage. In his research, he has liaised with various organisations  such  as  E.ON  (Power  and  Gas),  Lockheed  Martin,
Jaguar/Land  Rover (supercapacitors  in  automotive  industry/electric cars),  and Battelle  (lab  management  and commercialisation).

Ir. Dr. Ng Kok Chiang has been involved in the Power Sources and Storage Research and Nanotechnology Applications since 2005.  He  was  involved  in the development of new Large-Scale Green Energy Storage Technology combining properties of supercapacitors  and  batteries  funded  by  E.ON,  one  of
Europe's  leading  power  and  gas companies. He has worked with a variety of electrical nanomaterials for supercapacitors. The author's publications on  these  supercapacitors  and  nanotechnology  for  renewable  energy storage include international and local engineering related journals, namely the journal with the  Professional  Engineering  Publishing,  i.e.  Journal of  Power  And  Energy,  the  American Institute of Physics, i.e. Journal of The Electrochemical Society, the International Society of Electrochemistry,
i.e.  Electrochimica  Acta,  and  the  Institution  of  Engineers, Malaysia,  i.e. Journal  of  the  Institution  of  Engineers,  Malaysia. Co-authored  papers  have  also  been presented  at  various  international
symposiums  inter  alia  the  International  Symposium  on 'One  Green Asia'  of  The  Association  of  Academies  of  Sciences  in  Asia  (AASA) at  Seoul, Korea on Malaysian Experience in the Development of Green Technology, The Second CIE-IEM Symposium in Taipei, Taiwan on Malaysian EE&C Guidelines and Recent Advances in Storage Technologies and The Development of Energy Efficiency  &  Conservation  in  Malaysia,  and  Symposium  on Novel  Materials  for  Energy Storage  and  Conversion  in  Las  Vegas  on Recent  Advances  in Supercapacitors with Nanocomposite Electrodes.

Upon  graduation,  he has  worked  in  a  joint-venture  company  between  a UK  and  Malaysian  Engineering Consultancy called ZED-G&P Sdn. Bhd. under the G&P Group of Companies involved in Green Technology and Building Consultancy under the direct guidance of the late Datuk Ir. Dr. Mohd. Annas bin Mohd. Nor who was the Energy Commission Chairman of Malaysia. In his job, he was involved in presentations to various international organisations representing G&P in the bid to qualify as engineering consultants.  He was
also assigned to communicate with their overseas consultants from Dubai as the Point-of-Contact.  Besides  that,  he  was also involved  in high-profile  green  building  projects  at various  prime locations  in Kuala Lumpur  which  involve  well-known  foreign  architects  and consultants, consulting on advanced green engineering. Currently, as the Chief Technology Officer of MyBIG, Ir. Dr. Ng Kok Chiang is involved in high profile research activities with various research boards in Malaysia on different kinds of storage systems such as the Nexcap-battery hybrid device and other cutting-edge green technology and innovations. Many of these projects are part of the Economic Transformation Program initiated by the government of Malaysia. He is leading a team of engineers, programmers, and technicians to handle these renewable, biomass, and specialty projects. Ir. Dr. Ng Kok Chiang is a Professional Engineer registered with the Board of Engineers, Malaysia, a Professional Member of the Malaysian Green  Building  Confederation  (MGBC),  a certified GBI
facilitator, a practicing engineer with the Institutions of Engineering and Technology, UK, a Corporate  Member  of  the  Institutions  of Engineers, Malaysia, currently serving as a committee with the Electrical
Engineering Technical Division, the Secretary/Treasurer of the Consulting Engineering Special Interest Group at the Institution of Engineers, Malaysia and an industrial board member at the University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus.